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Your New Favorite Guide to Dating Confidently

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Let’s be honest: dating can be really frustrating. With seemingly endless failed matches, hours of time spent on #datingapps, and friends & family that are constantly trying to set you up with their co-worker’s cousin’s kid, sometimes finding “the one” feels like a painfully distant thought.

However, you are not alone in this experience and should not let it discourage you from finding the love that you deserve. As you find yourself navigating the scary-yet-exciting world of dating, the most important thing to remember is that you have to be confident in yourself.

As RuPaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” I know it may sound cliché, but self-confidence is truly so critical when it comes to putting yourself out there on the dating scene. As you embark on your very own journey to dating confidently, here are some key things to consider:


Recognize your worth

You have to stop seeking validation from others and start living for yourself! It’s so easy to rely on compliments and likes, but you have to understand your strengths and beauty without depending on what people think. Once you can do this, input from others just becomes a reminder of what you already know, and dating becomes a whole new experience.

Mila Tip: Try repeating or writing down a few positive daily affirmations to remind yourself of your worth!

Make yourself the priority

Putting your own needs and wants first is essential. Listening to what you need is crucial to your wellbeing and you should never feel bad about focusing on yourself. While it’s easy to sacrifice your priorities in the name of finding love, you have to make yourself the priority. Why? Because you can’t put effort into a relationship if you aren’t putting effort into yourself first.

Mila Tip: Make time each day to dedicate to your needs and don’t let anyone get in the way of it!

Learn to accept rejection

Rejection is inevitable and should not be something holding you back from finding love. Even though it can be easy to blame yourself for “not being good enough,” rejection has nothing to do with your worth as an individual and is a completely normal part of life. What if you miss out on finding a beautiful connection just because you were “too scared” to say something?

Mila Tip: Use our superlike function in the app to “shoot your shot” with someone you’ve been nervous to reach out to (this is totally your sign!)

Be unapologetically yourself

Everyone wants to make a good impression on their love interest. While sharing a few white lies is natural, basing your relationship on them will get you nowhere. To find your perfect match, you have to become confident in being your authentic self all the time. If you have to act like someone you're not, then you’re not with the right person; the right person will love you for you.

Mila Tip: Challenge yourself to be the “real you” in a moment when you might consider telling a white lie.

Even though searching for love might become exhausting, remember that you are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are not alone! While the journey to #dating confidently might not be easy, you owe it to yourself to be confident in who you are all the time.

Oh, and stay tuned for our latest feature where you can keep track of and compare how you feel about your different matches ;)

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