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What to Take Away From Netflix’s Sexy Beasts & How to Channel It Into Your Dating Life

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Photo Courtesy of @sexybeastsdating on Instagram

If you’re not familiar with the Netflix dating show Sexy Beasts, it’s essentially a new take on classic dating television, but with a twist. While I was admittedly a bit shocked upon viewing a brief clip of the show, I was also immediately … intrigued.

Instead of sexy #singles prancing around some island looking for love, contestants are turned into “sexy beasts” using prosthetic makeup and sent to find their match in looks ranging from dolphin to demon. Once the contestant chooses their match, the costumes are removed and it is revealed what each person really looks like underneath.

Even though the show might sound weird, I think it makes for great entertainment and contains several valid lessons about dating. The main lesson to be taken away from the show is the importance of inner beauty and personality when looking for love.

As contestants try to bond without the element of physical attraction, they have no choice but to get to know one another for who they are on the inside and make dating decisions based on this connection. Outer beauty is often an influential part of #dating, but prioritizing inner beauty and personality when looking for love allows for a connection deeper than face value; one that might lead to a real relationship rather than a really boring conversation with a hot person.

While a bit of eye candy never hurts, getting to know someone based on their personality and energy alone is a great way to see if you two truly vibe or if you were just in it for looks. Here are some ways you can channel this lesson learned from Sexy Beasts into your dating life IRL:

1. Give those who aren’t traditionally your type a chance if your personalities vibe.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Sometimes your perfect match might not be exactly what you were originally looking for. Whether you have a “type,” or are just picky, give them a shot if you see that your personalities mesh together really well. Don’t miss out on a really great connection just because they aren’t the height you were looking for!

Mila Tip: Utilize in-app messaging, video chatting, and our “This or That” feature to help you get a better feel for one another’s personalities.

2. Go on a casual date that focuses on having fun & getting to know each other rather than dressing up!

Photo byJingxi Lau onUnsplash

Unpopular opinion: fancy dates are overrated. Try going on a fun date that’s both more exciting and more productive for learning about each other’s personalities. Ditch the dress up and form better bonds on dates like these:

  • Ride roller coasters, or kiddie rides, at an amusement park

  • Play board games & make homemade pizza together *wine optional but highly recommended ;)

  • Have a mini golf competition & feast at a food truck

  • Host a cute picnic & paint a masterpiece in the park

3. Have go-to conversation starters that allow you to get a feel for their personality, or lack thereof, right away.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

It’s never too early to start checking out their personality! Try leading the conversation with different talking points to see if your energies vibe well together or not. Don’t wait until the third date to realize you have nothing in common! Ask things like:

  • What kind of music & movies do you like?

  • What do you like to do for fun?

  • Who are some of your fave celebs?

  • Where is your dream place to travel to?

  • How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?


Put these tactics to the test as you search for your very own “sexy beast,” and always keep in mind the important role that inner beauty and personality play when it comes to love!

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