• Tori Yeasky

The 4 Stages of Texting Your Crush

Butterflies, nerves, excitement … there’s nothing quite like texting your crush for the first time. From the initial heartracing “heyyy” to the forming of inside jokes, texting your crush will (hopefully) be a memorable journey with many different stops along the way. While not everyone will have the same experience, we at Mila think there are 4 main stages of #texting your crush:

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Stage 1: Nervous (but in a good way)

It’s normal to be nervous when talking to a new person, especially someone that you’re interested in! As you’re trying to find your footing, make a positive first impression, and start to get to know each other, it can be easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed. At the end of the day, while this initial stage can be intimidating, it should also be super exciting!

Mila Tip: Always try your best to unapologetically be yourself despite how much you want to impress your crush.

Stage 2: Getting comfortable

As things start to heat up, you might start to feel yourself getting comfortable talking to your crush (woohoo!) Now, you have to start adventuring outside of the basic conversation you set up in stage 1. Since your nerves are likely settling, this is your chance to really start to get to know each other, and hopefully form important bonds that will carry your spark forward.

Mila Tip: This stage might take some time — and that’s okay! It’s also okay if things don’t work out, you should be proud of yourself for trying.

Stage 3: Real connections

This stage is where the magic starts to happen. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You are really starting to connect with each other on a deeper level and you’re finally making the progress that everyone dreams about with their crushes. You might find that you now have inside jokes, send cute goodnight texts, or maybe even have lengthy facetimes; whatever the case, things are looking good and it could be time for you to take things to the next level ;)

Mila Tip: Pay close attention to how you feel during this stage! It’s important to see whether your connections are truly developing or whether they are more surface level.

Stage 4: Time for the next level?

Now comes the hard part: what comes next? In some cases, the decision to take things to the next level might come naturally, or in others you might find yourself talking to your crush for weeks with no new developments.

Since not everyone’s experiences while texting their crush is going to be the same, there’s no clear cut answer for when it’s time to take things to the next level. So, when you personally feel that the time is right, go for it! And if you’re still unsure, have an open conversation with your crush about their expectations.

Mila Tip: Don’t feel pressured to initiate taking things to the next level! Only do what you feel will make you happy.

No matter what the outcome, at the end of the day you’ve talked to your #crush and that’s all that matters! Mila is proud of you for taking the plunge and shooting your shot, and we’re rooting for you in all your future #love journeys. Oh and BTW, we have a super cool in-app messaging feature to help you ;)

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