Board Meeting

Mila is changing the dating landscape... we’re making it real again!

Are you weary of dating apps? Swiping left and right only to be matched at a superficial level, left disappointed over and over again?


We. Get. It!


And we decided to do something about it!


Whether you want someone to go to dinner with, or someone who completes your sentences, or even someone whom you can quarantine with... In these unprecedented times, wouldn’t you love to be with a person who just gets you? Who is the yin to your yang? Who loves you for who you are and lets you shine and grow into the person you were always meant to be? With Mila, you can find it all!


After all, Mila means...



Our proprietary algorithm, aka the magical star genies, are hard at work in the background. They are your personal concierge service: matching your preferences, your value system, and your personality to get you the best of both worlds. They are using the ancient science of astrology and numerology and modern-day trends to curate the perfect match for you!


So you can finally sit back and relax and let Mila solve this puzzle for you!